Membership + Smart Tags Bundle

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Includes the following Smart Tags shipped to your door at the start of the membership


Earn a commission each month for sharing content from !

Discount for Groups and Yearly subscriptions!

Includes the following perks!

  • 1 Free Entry into every giveaway and competition (Currently Australia only) for each month with Membership.
    • e.g. 1st Month = 1 entry, 6th Month = 6 Entries for the same price each month!
  • Double Entries for Yearly membership!

    • 12 months of membership for the cost of 10 months = 2 months free!
    • e.g. 1st Month = 2 entries, 6th Month = 12 Entries for the same price each year!
  • Group up with friends and share a discount on the membership!
    • After the initial purchase, you can invite friends to your subscription group and make the ongoing subscription cheaper for everyone!
  • Receive 20% of sales from when customers make a purchase through your referral links when you share any content from the App or Platform.

    • Automatically works with your Smart Tags that are linked to your account too!
    • Share any content, such as a group, events, could be your mates Build or your own Build!

    • E.g. if you share your Build online or with your Smart Tags In-Real-Life and someone goes on to make a purchase in our store, we'll credit your account with 20% of the order price. So if you're chatting about your Build at an event and you recommend they check out the platform and make a purchase of a Hoodie and Starter Pack = $100. We'll transfer you $20 with your membership - That's the cost of the month's membership back in your hands!
    • Lifetime bonus for inviting people and they signup to the platform

  • Constant 20% discount for you on our Store for all Branded Products!
  • Early Access to new features as they are developed
  • Automatic Access to the Members Group in the platform


Coming in August 2021 for members:

  •  Smart Tags can be configured to Point to your account (instead of your Build)
  • Smart Tags can be reconfigured as much as you like
  • Smart Tags can point to your own weblink - such as your own Business!
  • Price watch email and Push notification alerts for your wishlist items!
    • Add a web link from any product on the internet to any of your Build Wishlists and we'll alert you when that item goes on sale! Never miss out on a better price again!

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