Smart Keyring (V1)

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We know it can be frustrating finding reliable information to assist in building enthusiast projects, connects people building similar projects to share their knowledge and experience assisting with problem-solving and building better projects.

Smart Tags are linked to your own Builds in the Platform - they allow you to easily share your own Build In-Real-Life with other people with one easy tap from a Smart Phone! See when and where your build has been scanned in the Smart Tags logs on our Mobile App.

System Requirements:

iPhone Xs, Xr, 11, 12: iOS11 or later required.

iPhone 7, 8, X: iOS14 or later required.

Android: Almost all Androids since 2016. Bluebite has written some very helpful articles on a list of Android NFC Compatible Phones and Android NFC Guide.


Want more info?

Logs and Tracking

You can see the Logs in the Smart Tags menu in the Mobile App. If you click on the Geolocation it will open in Google Maps.

Remote Control

Turn your Smart Tags ON or OFF remotely with the Mobile App Smart Tags Smart Tags OFF

Take a look at our articles explaining the products and platform HERE

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Simple and quick. Legit easy as tapping onto the train or into the gym. All your mods collated into the one place. Easy. Enough said