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We know it can be frustrating finding reliable information to assist in building enthusiast projects, connects people building similar projects to share their knowledge and experience assisting with problem-solving and building better projects.

Smart Tags are linked to your own Builds in the Platform - they allow you to easily share your own Build In-Real-Life with other people with one easy tap from a Smart Phone! See when and where your build has been scanned in the Smart Tags logs on our Mobile App.

Pack includes the following to get you started:

  • 1x Smart Sticker - Black
  • 1x Smart Keyring - Black
  • 1x Smart Badge - Black

We've bundled the items to give you a discount 




Want more info?

Logs and Tracking

You can see the Logs in the Smart Tags menu in the Mobile App. If you click on the Geolocation it will open in Google Maps.

Remote Control

Turn your Smart Tags ON or OFF remotely with the Mobile App Smart Tags Smart Tags OFF

Take a look at our articles explaining the products and platform HERE

Customer Reviews

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Starter pack

To include a larger sticker for the car


I think it’s a great idea can’t wait to start posting my build once I get the motor back from the shop

Great buy

One of the best investments made for my project/ daily car

Top product!!!

Great product highly recommend.

Awesome, however

Only had for a little bit but in the time I have had it I am very happy with both the simplicity and layout of both the app and tag setup, however when trying to use the smart tags with my mates phone it was not responding and/or picking up the tag (he has an android, this is not just his phone though it is all androids I have tried with multiple phones) I don’t know if it is just how it work and as of now is only supported by apple but ether way it is a slight inconvenience and not really that bad, another little thing is that when I go to buy stuff from the store in the app using PayPal the app crashes, but other then that grate app and can not wait to see what it becomes